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ClubTaxi as Airport Taxi?

To describe the airport service that ClubTaxi offers in a few words: GPS replaced the name tag at Arrivals.

For most travelers nothing new. A succesful pick-up requires preperation that starts after you placed your booking request. After an initial check and acceptance of your booking the important details get double checked. It might come to light that the specified phone number is not connected to a mobile device, the country code is missing or does not function for whatever reason. Or the flight number is missing, wrong date etc.

You will receive an email in an attempt to correct your booking on a short notice. Unsolved matters will lead to cancellation. And you might think we have got weeks to do so, best practice is that the operator closes the handling of the matter same day to avoid mishaps. You're welcome to retry to book at a later stage.

It is imperative that you understand how to connect to public WiFi and that one of the following messaging services is installed on your mobile phone:
  • Signal
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram

Taxi Transfer from Amsterdam Airport To City

You can order a ClubTaxi at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on demand, it is wiser to pre-book.

In case you need an extra pair of hands, or when extra handling time at the airport is required, for instance because of special luggage as a pet, a toilet visit, a habit,  then please make a remark to avoid waiting times at the drivers side. FYI: Only airport employees can offer hands on assistance in restricted areas of the airport. These services are available at any International Airport for a reasonable or no fee.

How to Get to Your ClubTaxi at Amsterdam Airport

Arriving at Amsterdam Airport (in case you have more luggage then hands-on only)  there is 30-45 minutes window between landing and luggage claim. When traveling with hand luggage only it will take about 30 minutes to pass customs and to exit the airport. If you're as good as a stranger at Amsterdam Airport, do not worry. You will receive clear and sound instructions via a messenger service, preferable Whatsapp. And in case you have no service from your provider, you'll be able to turn to airport wifi. Same procedure for Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Samples ClubTaxi Airport Transfers

Taxi Amsterdam to Eindhoven Airport maximum 7 passengers 150 Euro. Taxi Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport starting at 20 Euro for a Sedan.
Taxi Amstelveen to Eindhoven Airport maximum 7 passengers 150 Euro. Taxi Amstelveen to Schiphol Airport starting at 20 Euro for a Sedan.

ClubTaxi does service all Dutch Airports.

Pre-book your ride going to and from Amsterdam Amstelveen Region when traveling via:
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport
  • Lelystad Airport

Practical & Business
On The Cheap Long Distance Taxi in the Netherlands

With ClubTaxi you'll enjoy online fair fare booking and low zone to zone taxi pricing. You can pick an all weather Sedan, Station Wagon or Mini Van and travel on the cheap. Pay for your taxi with cash or one of the major cards to the driver, or prepay online to ClubTaxi.

You can order a ClubTaxi online, by chat or phone. With smartphone, tapping our number connects you. The service of ClubTaxi is limited to the Netherlands.

More Samples ClubTaxi Airport Transfers

Taxi Amsterdam Airport to Alkmaar 66 Euro  to Amersfoort 89 Euro to Arnhem 144 Euro to Den Bosch 125 Euro to The Hague 65 Euro to Eindhoven 170 Euro to Haarlem 33 Euro to Hilversum 58 Euro to Leiden 50 Euro to Lelystad 95 Euro to Rotterdam 80 Euro to Utrecht 71 Euro.

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