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COVID-19 and driving with ClubTaxi: With the current Directive, we can only drive in a minivan, with a maximum of 3 passengers from one household. There is also a solution for singles, a sedan equipped with a plexiglass screen (a minivan is equally equiped), between the driver and the rear seat. You will receive a mask from your driver at no extra cost. Only the use of the back seat is allowed. RIVM's recommendations are observed.

Transfers From and To Amsterdam Airport

With ClubTaxi you'll depart at the agreed time. And with ClubTaxi there is no time limit on booking a taxi for the right price. Available is available. There is a daily high-peak between 4.00AM and 7.00AM. If you depart between those hours, a timely reservation is recommended.

Maximum 10% Off Peak Discount For Rides Starting After 08.00AM

From your driver can be expected that he is aware of the current traffic and roadworks. 'Extra' kilometers are included in the agreed fare.

Taxi Transfer From and To Other Dutch Airports.

ClubTaxi connects all Dutch Airports with the Amsterdam region. With or without a return. From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ClubTaxi offers an on demand Taxi service. For pick up from Eindhoven and Rotterdam Airport, it is better to book at least 3 hours in advance. Immediately after landing your driver will contact you. At Schiphol Airport you'll receive a text message with bulletproof instructions on 'how to get to meeting point'. At Eindhoven and Rotterdam Airport your driver will wait for you at Arrivals. When your flight is delayed, the agreed time of departure will change. No extra costs for waiting times etc. ClubTaxi monitors and will adjust your schedule.

New customer? We might ask for a prepayment.

There is No Waiting with ClubTaxi.

You don't have to wait for the taxi. But please do not ask the driver to go to meeting point with the idea 'then the taxi is there by the time I get there'. Regulations (for Airport and most areas of the City Amsterdam) organize that the passenger must be ready when the taxi arrives, and not vice versa. Parking policy at Rotterdam and Eindhoven Airport allows the driver to meet you at Arrivals. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol our service is intended to collect without having to go in to the parking garage.

And thus a friendly request for those that arrive at Schiphol Airport and need time to refresh, for food or a habit. Please communicate the estimated extra time you need inside the Airport. At a time that the driver is able to adjust his time of arrival at meeting point.

TIP for use Order Form
Make the most of the autocomplete function and start your entry with house number, then street name, and then city name. The first time your destination gets displayed, select it, and then continue straight to the next Box.

Will the Taxi Arrive On Time?
Just assume that. You may inquire 10 minutes before departure whether this will be indeed the case. Most customers that worried, worried with no reason. The reserved taxi will be at your door step about 10 minutes befor the agreed departure time. If not, you'll travel with an alternative at no extra cost.

Calling earlier than 10 minutes before departure makes no sense. Everything imaginable can still happen after that call. And not being able to speak to you does not even say much whether the taxi will be on time.
Luggage, Customize Your Taxi
If passengers travel only with hand luggage, it is better not to mention the luggage when booking at all. Everything that may be taken as hand luggage during a flight counts in other cases as 1/2 pieces of luggage, with a minimum of 1.

1 piece of luggage is a suitcase or a trolley with a maximum outer dimension of 27 * 19 * 12 inches. Every suitcase or trolley that is larger counts for 2.

As 'Special Luggage' you specify a pram, walker, golf clubs etc. Count these itmes as 2 pieces of luggage + select the 'Special Luggage' Box. And describe the special luggage in the designated space of the order form.

Especially with children and pets there is no question of loose luggage in the passenger section of the taxi, and the driver will always have a clear view on the exterior mirrors. Not reporting (special) luggage in advance can therefore result in cancellation on the spot.

Maximum 10% Off Peak Discount For Rides Starting Between 08.00AM-22.00PM.
Business Yes, No Executive or VIP transport
Of course most taxi's are booked 'for the business', that is no different at ClubTaxi. A taxi with 220V on board is therefore available upon request. But each offer from ClubTaxi does concern that of a 'modest' Taxi service. Although the driving style of the driver allows working on the back seat. And the taxi will be spacious and comfortable.

Booking A Taxi Around Midnight
As the saying goes: The clock strikes 12 at Midnight. With the date of the new day 12.00 AM is midnight, 12.45 AM a quarter to 1 in the night, 01.00 AM 'just' 1 hour into the night.
VAT & Declaration
Taxi services are exempted from certain regulations imposed on a so-called VAT invoice. The online ticket issued to you is sufficient for VAT. If another then the passenger paid, the passenger will not receive a receipt from the driver. In all other cases of course, receipts are available with the driver. You also receive after your first reservation request a user name and password. These allow you to check all financial data and manage your reservations.

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