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Airport Services
ClubTaxi is located 2 miles from Amsterdam Airport. Booking a ClubTaxi going to or from Amsterdam Airport (or any other Dutch airport) is easy. You can pre-book your ClubTaxi or last-minute via the chat after landing at the Airport.

Arriving at Amsterdam Airport (in case you have more luggage then hands-on only)  there is 30-45 minutes window between landing and luggage claim. When traveling with hand luggage only it will take about 30 minutes to pass customs and to exit the airport. If you're as good as a stranger at Amsterdam Airport, do not worry. You will receive clear and sound instructions preferable via Whatsapp. If you have no service from your provider, you'll be able to turn to airport wifi. Same procedures for Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam - The Hague Airport.

In case you need an extra pair of hands, or when extra handling time at the airport is required, for instance because of special luggage as a pet, a toilet visit, a habit,  then please make a remark to avoid waiting times. FYI: Only airport employees can offer hands on assistance in restricted areas of the airport. These services are available at any International Airport for a reasonable or no fee.

Public transport going from Amsterdam Airport after mid-night is best described as poorly, especially in the direction of 'rural' areas. Many were surprised. Although your ClubTaxi is the best priced at Amsterdam Airport available last-minute, we understand if you look out for a traveling partner. It is clear we might have to charge for extra milage, and that all luggage has to fit in the taxi of your choice. Upgrading your online selection on short notice is not likely possible.

ClubTaxi does service Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport for rides going to Amsterdam - Amstelveen - Schiphol region.

Practical & Business
Comfortably From City To City
Going out of town or from the the airport, with ClubTaxi you'll enjoy online fair fare booking and low zone to zone pricing. You can pick an all weather Sedan, Station Wagon or Mini Van and travel on the cheap. Pay with cash or one of the major cards to the driver, or prepay online to ClubTaxi.

You can order a ClubTaxi online, by chat or phone. With smartphone, tapping our number connects you. Our service is limited to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Schiphol - Amsterdam Starting At 22,- Euro 4 Passengers
Eindhoven Airport - Amsterdam 7 Passengers 150,- Euro.
Amsterdam Airport - Den Haag HS 4 Passengers 65,- Euro With Sedan Or Station
Amsterdam Airport - Duinrell Wassenaar 55,- Euro
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