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Welcome To ClubTaxi
Great job! Discover with a few clicks what your ClubTaxi in the Schiphol - Amsterdam Region costs. With a small crew and returning customers we are able to keep the service both feasible and affordable. Departure at the agreed time is a sure thing. You can travel prepaid (thus pay online), or pay in the taxi to the driver in cash or with card.  Our online web widget helps you to request for the taxi you need, pick a Sedan, Stationwagon or Mini Van. Get a quote including an estimated travel time.

Together with your booking confirmation you'll receive info on the driver plus car. If anything changes driver-wise you'll be updated.

After each first ride with a certain driver you'll receive one invitation to review the ride, no more.

All online fare proposals from ClubTaxi are based on fixed pricing. With ClubTaxi no hidden charges or extras that cost. No surprises. And if you experience any issue getting a (correct) quote online, or when you have general questions on how to go in and around Amsterdam or the Airport, receiving your remarks and/or questions (via the chat) will be appreciated.

Looking for a reliable taxi for going from and to Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Region? Reed more about airport transfers & city to city deals.
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