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Self-employed Drivers from the Amsterdam Region.

Taxi drivers to whom - a night out in or outside Amsterdam - a holiday trip - a business relationship - can be entrusted.

As a specialist in the region, ClubTaxi will let you depart at the agreed time, with the agreed taxi, 24/7. A driver affiliated with ClubTaxi has all the necessary permits. Thus the driver is in has the Amsterdam license for tram and bus lanes.

Fixed Taxi Fare for Every Ride.

And agreed is agreed, provided there is no question of waiting times that have not been reported in advance, extra stops, etc. The agreement with ClubTaxi concerns passenger transport, not that of a parcel service that delivers people.

You and your driver understand Reasonable.

Safe driving with ClubTaxi: With the current directive, we can only drive in a mini van, with a maximum of 4 passengers from one household. There is also a solution for singles. A sedan equipped with a safety screen between the driver and the rear seat (also available in a mini van, on request). On request you will receive a face mask from the driver, at no extra cost. Passengers always sit in the back seat for safety, a fourth in the front passenger seat. We comply with the distance rule. RIVM's recommendations are observed.

Hygiene Protocol Taxi
Not much will change for your driver during the current Corona virus outbreak. He always pays attention to himself and the passenger. Door frames, handles, seat surfaces and so on are constantly being cleaned. In addition to the usual measures, for reassurance and partly as a precaution, we request everyone's cooperation. What you can do is mostly known. Use disinfectant hand gel, which you will also find in the back seat. Hygiene wipes are also available.  Specifically for taxi transport you can also consider the following:
  • Pay for your ride online. The ATM device is cleaned after each use. Money does not stink, but paper and coins can contribute to the spread of a virus. So why not travel prepaid?
  • Let the driver help with getting in and out. You do not need to use the handles.
  • Drop trash on the floor of the taxi.
  • Do you have a cold? Do not panic. But to protect the next passenger, report it to the driver. He has handkerchiefs and other resources available.
  • Mouth caps to protect others? If that is the question, check the need to travel. We (must) rely on everyone's common sense.
  • Do not use a tissue to blow your nose in the taxi.

Taxi with Child Seat, or Booster

You can reserve a child seat or booster at no extra cost. It is legally arranged that children go by taxi in a child seat without obligation. In any event, ClubTaxi must adhere to the rule that a full seat is available for every passenger. That rule also applies to a baby who is on a lap or in a travel cot.

1 adult per 3 children, excluding the taxi driver in the math. And please do not book a taxi that is too small. A safe taxi means luggage travels separately from passengers, especially with small children. If you are traveling with a minivan, because of the settings of the online order form, and it appears at the start of the ride that this has not been necessary, the fare will be adjusted accordingly. But a wheel of the pram, in front of the door mirror, means that the luggage does not fit in the taxi, and not that the luggage fits easily.

Pets are no problem when announced. While selecting the required taxi, each pet counts as 1 passenger.

Pet's Kennel
We do not accept a pet's kennel. Example: this policy does indeed result in ClubTaxi not accepting transfers from Schiphol Airport in case a pet has to fly into a kennel as cargo.

Exceptions: When the matter is a relocation to or from the region, then please send us a message with a description of your transportation needs. And when you need to visit a veterinarian, there is no reason to not contact us. You're welcome!

Privacy & Cookies

To protect your privacy your account will be removed from the central database of ClubTaxi after 6 months of inactivity.

Did you drive with ClubTaxi in the past year and your account got deleted? Then join the operator in the chat box or contact ClubTaxi by contact form or telephone to receive your loyalty discount.
Stay Connected (with WiFi)

All booking requests are processed by an operator. Confirmation is really a confirmation from an operator. And therefore, after the fare calculation and sending your request, it is important not to disconnect from the internet. Wait for the confirmation before disconnecting. Then check the confirmation carefully.

Requests are usually processed within 1 minute.

Left Behind Items

After each ride, the taxi is checked for left behind items. These may not be found during the first inspection. It is therefore important that you contact us as soon as possible, in the event you left something behind. You can contact us 24/7 to prevent someone else runs away with your possession.

Left behind is not yet lost.
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