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ClubTaxi brings you to Dance Events Festivals & Concerts.

And good thing, brings you home again. There is the ClubTaxi play list as a good starter and perhaps perfect cool down. The ClubTaxi play list is up to date but never perfect. Suggestions to make the ride a bit more fun remain welcome. Dutch venues are included in the fixed price module of ClubTaxi. The longer the distance, the lower the kilometer price. Pay in the taxi with card or cash, or travel prepaid.

Calling with your smartphone is simple, tap the phone number at the top of the page. Chatting is often more convenient. Use the chat if it is available. At times there is a lot of noise or if it has to remain silent. Multiple pick up locations on the way out? Contact us via chat (when available) or contact form.

Multiple Stops get solved price friendly.

But we need to know. For correct planning additional stops must be reported at the time of booking.

Bottles of water are present in the taxi at no extra cost. You'll travel back and forth with the same driver if you book a return. Even with a multi day event. For a good pick up service in the crowd recognition of the taxi is an advantage. Unfortunately we cannot take bikes.

Visit Zaanse Schans Edam Volendam by taxi.

Spare time? What about a day that for instance starts with a trip and guidance to the windmills at Zaanse Schans. Then a ride to how it once was in Edam and Volendam. Or feel free to customize your ride with us. To perhaps include a ferry crossing from Volendam to Marken. And arrange a pick up from there.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the website of the city photographer of Amsterdam Thomas Schlijper.

Visit Hot spot places in and around Amsterdam.

The Golden Age Then & Now.

ClubTaxi offers private Taxi Tours.

Cruising in a comfortable taxi at 45 Euro per hour (maximum 3 passengers. 55 Euro per hour maximum 6 passengers. Milage included). Call +3120 2040400. Meet the operator in the chat box at times available. Or leave your message.

  • All excursions are offered excluding tickets, snacks and meals. During the trip bottled water is available at no extra cost,
  • Upon receipt of your reservation you might be asked to pay 10% up front. Then you will receive a payment link.
  • If possible bring your voucher with you. You do not have to print the voucher. You can show the voucher on the screen of your device. Or alternatively: write down the reservation reference to show to the driver before the trip starts.
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