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COVID-19 and traveling with ClubTaxi: As of today we travel in sedan and station cars, with at the most 3 passengers (instead 4). The maximum traveling with a minivan is now 5 passengers, combined with a price correction of 10%. Do you prefer traveling with 3 passengers in a minivan, if possible why not?

ClubTaxi at Festivals and Concerts

Taxi rates for a taxi at the location of a festival or concert are not likely good for the budget. Reserving a Taxi or Minivan is, therefore, a good idea. And booking a ClubTaxi for departure towards Amsterdam is just as simple as for departure from Amsterdam.

Although organizations from especially large festivals in and around Amsterdam do not encourage pre-booked taxis, there are usually pick-up places designated. Otherwise, your taxi can be found with a GPS location and Google Maps.

With the help of Google Maps, in practice, the taxi driver and passenger(s) always find each other.

Festival venues such as Thuishaven and many others are included in the fixed price module of ClubTaxi. And there are plenty of taxi deals inside the ClubTaxi fare calculator.

No ClubTaxi Pre-booked but do you need a taxi On Demand?
To check availability and hopefully order a ClubTaxi on demand, try first the chat, at times available.

Maximum 10% Off Peak Discount For Rides Starting Between 08.00AM-22.00PM
TIP for use Order Form
Make the most of the autocomplete function and start your entry with house number, then street name, and then city name. The first time your destination gets displayed, select it, and then continue straight to the next Box.

NEW: The PartyBox
For journeys to and from the Club, Festival, Concert etc, the JBL PartyBox is now available in combination with a Minivan. Useful for playing your own favorite music from a mobile phone, or anything that makes a Bluetooth connection with this sound system. Instructions: Connect without password, and play!

Multiple pick-up locations?
For our planning, it is necessary to report extra stops at the time of the reservation.

The ClubTaxi playlist is up to date. Suggestions to make the ride a better experience remain welcome. Bottles of water are present in the taxi at no extra cost.

You'll travel back and forth with the same driver in case you booked a return if that is possible. Even with a multi-day event. For a good pick up service in the crowd recognition of your taxi is an advantage. Unfortunately, we cannot take bikes.

In Amsterdam and Time to Tour?

All taxi tours with ClubTaxi are offered excluding tickets, snacks, and meals. You do not have to print the voucher. You can also show the voucher on the screen of your device. Or at least take the details of your voucher with you.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the website of the city photographer of Amsterdam: Thomas Schlijper.

Booking A Taxi Around Midnight

As the saying goes: At Midnight the clock strikes 12. With the date of the new day 12.00 AM is midnight, 12.45 AM a quarter to 1 in the night, 01.00 AM 'just' 1 hour into the night.

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