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Our Promise
With ClubTaxi you’re guaranteed a fixed taxi fare.
We know that sometimes the shortest distance is not the fastest route. ClubTaxi drivers will choose the fastest route (without extra charge). Cause that is the most sensible thing to do.
ClubTaxi provides lower price per mile on long distances.
Saving you up to 35%-50% compared to the maximum street fares, while we take the risk and responsibility for traffic!
Lost And Found
After each trip we check for lost objects. In some cases, we may not see these on first inspection. For that reason, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible, before someone else goes off with your property.
Privacy & Cookies
To protect your privacy, your account will be removed from the central database of ClubTaxi after 6 months of inactivity.

Did you drive with ClubTaxi in the past year, but your account got deleted? Then join the operator in the chat box (when available), or else contact ClubTaxi by contact form or telephone to receive your loyalty discount.
Regulations state that children can travel without a baby seat by taxi . However, a taxi driver must allocate a full seat for every passenger. A baby counts as a full passenger, even when the baby is carried in a carrycot.
Moving your pet by taxi is not a big deal, if announced. Companionship from pets must be announced with your online booking request. And your pet has to be counted as a full passenger, you select 'pet' on the first page of the online order form. A remark is placed to describe the pet. Then, by doing so you may select a Sedan or an Estate (iow the cheapest option available with your entry). But you will travel in a suitable taxi without getting charged extra, thus with a Mini Van. In other words; with a pet you'll pay for what you need, but you will travel in a Mini Van. This way ClubTaxi keeps all passengers happy.
Online Taxi Service
An agreed and respected departure time is key.
The taxi fare for a reserved ride, regardless of the distance, (aside when a special offer is made) amounts a minimum of 20 Euro. This minimum fare only applies to trips that have been pre-booked.

Discover what your taxi in Amsterdam costs.
If you want a taxi at your doorstep in Amsterdam, in Amstelveen or at Amsterdam Airport within 15 minutes, order via chat or by phone. The following maximum rates may apply when you stop a taxi alongside the road, compared to the ClubTaxi calculator.
- Starting fee: 3,19 Euro (Mini Van 6,49 Euro) Calculation ClubTaxi Sedan and Station 3,00 Euro (Mini Van 4,00 Euro)
- Distance fee: 2,35 EuroKm (Mini Van 2,95 EuroKm) Calculation ClubTaxi Sedan and Station 1,10 - 1,65 EuroKm (Mini Van 1,25 - 1,80 EuroKm)
- Time fee: 0,37 Euro per minute (Mini Van 0,42 Euro) Calculation ClubTaxi No Time Fee, Minimum Fee 20,00 Euro
Agreed Departure Time
Fixed taxi pricing is set in the agreement in connection with the pick up time. Put more precisely, ClubTaxi endeavors to have the taxi at your door step before the time we agreed to depart. The agreed pick up time represents with us; the agreed departure time. Almost always before, when circumstances require! ClubTaxi provide the same high standard taxi service from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and in the greater Amsterdam region.

An agreed pick up time going from an Airport or Train Station will move with the available info on your flight or train. Arriving early or with a delay at an airport is 'common' practice, and will not be presented to you as a surprise.
Good To Know
The ClubTaxi web app functions 'hassle free'.
But be careful with borrowed WiFi connections. Wait after sending your booking request, have WiFi connected untill you've received response. That might take a few minutes, no longer.

Each online taxi booking is processed manually, an acknowledgment is really a booking confirmation, not a result of automation. ClubTaxi carries out +95% of all requests the year round 24/7 (within 15 minutes requests excluded from %). And if ClubTaxi is not able to provide service at the requested time, you will be informed in seconds, clarity in minutes at the most. When we get that unfortunate together and If asked ClubTaxi gets you moving by providing details of a well reputed partner. If you do not receive a response in minutes, please contact us night or day by chat or by phone. Mail might be read during office-hours only.
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