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Legal Maximum Rate For Street Taxi 2020

The legal maximum street taxi rate consists of the following components:

Sedan and Estate max. 4 passengers
  • Starting rate of 3.26 Euro,
  • Distance rate of 2.40 Euro per kilometer, and
  • Time rate of 0.40 Euro per minute.

Minivan max. 8 passagiers
  • Starting rate of 6.63 Euro,
  • Distance rate of 3.02 Euro per kilometer, and
  • Time rate of 0.45 Euro per minute.

Taxi Cost and Fare Calculation

  • Prepay Your Taxi? In the event of non-acceptance, you will be refunded the full amount instantly.
  • Due to the complexity of the calculation for multiple stops, we reserve the right to make a price proposal that differs from the self-calculation.

Maximum 10% Off Peak Discount For Rides Starting Between 08.00AM-22.00PM.

COVID-19 and traveling with ClubTaxi: As of today we travel in sedan and station cars, with at the most 3 passengers (instead 4). The maximum traveling with a minivan is now 5 passengers, combined with a price correction of 10%. Do you prefer traveling with 3 passengers in a minivan, if possible why not?

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